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The technique of watercolour is quite crucial to my approach for I am captivated by the inherent fluidity and translucency of the medium. I also love experimenting and finding new ways to engage with the act of painting. In this respect each painting tends to be a voyage of discovery for I use a lot of coloured water manipulating runs of paint and capitalising upon its spontaneity. I often splatter paint, drop colour into wet paints, blow paint into spidery trails and scrub out etc. so that out of these risky procedures visually exciting and personal effects may emerge. There is usually considerable commitment and emotional struggle with every painting whilst seeking to keep the natural sparkle and sheen of the medium.

My painting tends to be done directly from the subject in front of me but the cityscapes with their highly mobile and quickly changing shapes need to be caught instantaneously, so a camera is most useful. It is the reflections with their contrasting lights, tones and superimposed imagery that I find fascinating. In effect I am painting what is reflected from various angles and what is behind me with the image of the painting itself suspended between them. This also has wonderful implications for spatial tension within my work.

My paintings also explore reflections on water and capture its magical and dynamic reflective power. The paintings have an emphasis on light effects and surface translucency.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my site.

Harry Price

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